Alterations Unlimited Services


Alters clothing to fit individual customers or repairs defective garments, following alteration or repair tags or marks on garments.

Here are some examples:

- tag or garment to ascertain necessary alterations.

- Shortens or lengthens sleeves and legs, expands or narrows waist and chest, raises or lowers collar, and inserts or eliminates padding in shoulders while maintaining drape and proportions of garment.

- Repairs or replaces defective garment parts, such as pockets, pocket flaps, and coat linings.


Develops design for garment, adapts existing design for garment, or copies existing design for garment. As well as alters garment and joins parts, using needle and thread or sewing machine, to form finished garment.

Bridal Alterations

Helping each bride wear the dress of her dreams. Making alterations that accurately fit clients and providing the highest quality alterations for every bride.

Pants Hemming

Fit and study garments on clients to determine required alterations. Sew garments, using needles and thread or sewing machines. Measure parts such as sleeves or pant legs, and mark or pin-fold alteration lines.

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